Who is Skillen?


Oh hey, I’m Steven Killen, I’m an interactive digital designer from London, UK.

My skills lie in digital design and front-end development and I have over 7 years experience working online. forex trade online

Below is my portfolio, feel free to take a peek, if you like what you see, you can get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Wide Area Communications design

Wide Area

Relaunched in early 2013, the website for Wide Area was designed to attract more business and promote the company’s unique CMS management tool, as well as provide useful guides for existing clients. I designed and help implement the website, introducing the bold colour scheme and easy transition to mobile that the site was previously lacking.

Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript

match home page design


Created a page that used the multiple profiles concept that proved successful in the U.S. The main aim of the redesign was to adapt to the successful U.S. concept while maintaining the brand's unique image in the UK. crypto exchange hong kong

Home page design, HTML, CSS, Javascript

cakeclub design

Make Cake Happen

Designed to showcase the cakes produced for friday cake club at match.com. I was influenced by fifties advertising and the styles of recipe books.

Design, HTML, CSS

itv cobrand design itv cobrand design itv cobrand design

ITV cobrand

Created various designs for ITV's flagship daytime programmes for the newly formed partnership of ITV and match.com

Design, HTML, CSS

dating direct

Dating Direct

Given the task of redesigning the DatingDirect website to appeal to an older audience, I decided to take inspiration from the weekly women's magazines, while working within the brand’s guidelines.

Home page design, HTML, CSS, Javascript

version 2 of this site

Who is Skillen v2

Wanting a website that was based entirely in HTML and CSS I decided to concentrate on typography and create a website that drew inspiration from case files and airmail letters.

Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript

bet republic

Bet Republic

Bet Republic are an online sports streaming service focused on sports betting. I was tasked with providing one of the designs for their streaming programme. Inspired by news channel intefaces, I decided to go with a white design which the client liked.


xgames redesign

XGames Ltd

I was given the task to redesign the site with a new banner. I decided to implement side wide changes that involved making the site easier to use and more attractive to read.

Website design, HTML, CSS, Actionscript

version 1.5 of this site

Who is Skillen v1.5

Who is Skillen v1.5 adapted the revolving tile idea from version 1. I decided I wanted to add colour to the site without doing a full redesign. I took inspiration from old maps and the Indiana Jones series.

html website flash